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Invitation Questions

Additional envelopes may be purchased in quantities of 25. It is always a good idea to order extras to allow for mistakes made when addressing the envelopes. For invitations that include double envelopes (outer and inner envelopes), you may order just extra outer envelopes or both extra outer and inner envelopes. Prices for additional envelopes vary, depending on the invitation brand, whether you have a printed address on the outer envelope flaps and whether you’ve added envelope liners.

We recommend the following website for wording suggestions.  Select your category and occasion to find suggestions. Wording Suggestions

Some of our vendors provide computerized calligraphy to print your envelopes at the same time your invitation is printed.  These vendors include Checkerboard, Birchcraft Studios and Carlson Craft.  If you are interested in this service, please contact us for more information.

To assemble your invitations, start with the invitation with the printed side facing up.  Then on on top of the invitation, place the direction card, the accommodations card, the reception card and then the response card tucked under the flap of the response card envelope (with the response card facing up).  Then place the stack into the inner envelope, if applicable, with the printed sides facing out so that you can see part of the wording when the flap is not closed.  The inner envelope is then closed but not sealed (it doesn’t have a gummed seal) and placed into the outer envelope, with the inner envelope flap turned against the inside of the outer envelope (the flaps do not both face the same way).  If you do not have an inner envelope, place the stack into the outer envelope, with the printed sides facing out so that you can see part of the wording when the flap is not sealed.

We do not have exact postage information. It is recommended to present a completely assembled invitation to the Post Office for an exact determination of your postage requirements. Remember that all square or vertical envelopes will definitely require extra postage due to their size. Further postage may be necessary based on weight.

Once you have your guest list, count one invitation per household. Adult children should receive their own invitation. Invitation quantities are usually purchased in quantities of 25 (unless otherwise noted), so you should round up to the next quantity of 25 and then add an additional 25. Ordering an additional 25 with your original order is a lot less expensive than ordering 25 later.

It is recommended that the date you should ask your guests to reply by is approximately 2 to 4 weeks in advance of your event.

It is recommended that invitations be mailed out approximately six to eight weeks in advance of your event.

We recommend ordering your invitations at least 3 to 4 months prior to your event in order to have enough time to assemble the invitations, and either address them yourself or have them addressed by a professional calligrapher.

It is also always a good idea to have a little bit of leeway just in case the printer makes an error and an item needs to be reprinted. Although rare, it does occasionally happen.

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